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The Update Update

So, I went to see Schvendes at The Leopold in suburban Bicton last night. It was pretty sweet, it's a new night they're starting there so there weren't too many people, which is a bit of a rarity at their shows nowadays. They played incredibly well and it was great to see how they've grown as a band since I last saw them. Super-tight. They're experts in the field of putting a sound into a song that makes you feel like the threats they've made have just come true and they're now stabbing you in the gut. Verr' nice.

The new Nine Inch Nails record is pretty ace too, I'm kind of obsessed with it. I've been listening to it, like, twice a day, which I don't think I've done with a record since M. Rosner's spacious soundscapes. I suspect someone's been listening to a bit too much Tomás Ford though, there's such a strong me influence in there it's unavoidable. Seriously, listen to Five Times and then listen to his new stuff. Bastard. His compression is obviously way better (and expensive-er) but the programming is so similar it's scary.

In other news, This Is Not Art in Newcastle are flying me over for their festival in a few months. Bender!

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