Dreamgirls Is Shit

I just watched Dreamgirls.

It's the shittest movie ever.

I would rather watch a marathon of Grease 2, Troy and Episode One (previously suspected to be the worst movies ever, but not even in Dreamgirls' LEAGUE) than sit through that shit again.

Not even for twenty bucks. And I'm pretty poor.
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The Update Update

So, I went to see Schvendes at The Leopold in suburban Bicton last night. It was pretty sweet, it's a new night they're starting there so there weren't too many people, which is a bit of a rarity at their shows nowadays. They played incredibly well and it was great to see how they've grown as a band since I last saw them. Super-tight. They're experts in the field of putting a sound into a song that makes you feel like the threats they've made have just come true and they're now stabbing you in the gut. Verr' nice.

The new Nine Inch Nails record is pretty ace too, I'm kind of obsessed with it. I've been listening to it, like, twice a day, which I don't think I've done with a record since M. Rosner's spacious soundscapes. I suspect someone's been listening to a bit too much Tomás Ford though, there's such a strong me influence in there it's unavoidable. Seriously, listen to Five Times and then listen to his new stuff. Bastard. His compression is obviously way better (and expensive-er) but the programming is so similar it's scary.

In other news, This Is Not Art in Newcastle are flying me over for their festival in a few months. Bender!
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Retrograde Mercury Can Go Fuck Itself Along With The Rest Of The Universe

So the weekend just gone was the hardest  work since my last Adelaide season. And the last Adelaide season was so hard, I wrote most of the songs in Vs The Audience about it.

Friday night's show was huge, but there were too many idiots there for it to be fun. People were trashing the Bakery's gorgeous mirrorball decorations and generally being obnoxious, then the night ran over to the point that my set, intended to start at 12:30, ended up being at 2am (after the venue's liquor liscence stopped, so the bar was closed). I soundchecked at 3, so by the time I left the venue, I'd been there for twelve hours! On top of this, some arsehole knocked over the table holding my gear without feeling the need to tell me, so halfway through the night I stumbled over all my gear, on the floor backstage. Then it was so late that the people I was collaborating with for that show had a heated argument with the promoters and left. Other things also contributed to my mood, which was pretty intense by the time I went on stage. In fact, it was super intense. I was fuckin' pissed off with everyone in the room and proceeded to lay down the angriest Tomás Ford musical vengence I could manage. No Reaction was a masterpiece of aggression and the underlying themes of frustration and audience blame that creep into my work sometimes really bubbled to the surface for a focused bit of hatemongering. Very satisfying hatemongering, it was too.

Saturday saw me with a near-lost voice from a combination of a cold, the previous night's show and the sleep deprivation I suffered last week while getting everything rolling for these shows. This meant rehearsal was torturous for everyone, as I was tired and could hardly speak, let alone sing or attempt to be on key... it ended up being fine though, my voice kicked in once the audience came in, like it usually does in these situations, though it got a bit red raw towards the end. I managed to super-offend my stage manager without even trying, resulting in her turning a bit, erm, painful to deal with, for the rest of the night. But the shows were an absolute blast and turned out exactly as I'd hoped they would - big ups to the girls from Brash And Sassy, who did an amazing job of sharing the stage with me. Word is that it looked slick. We love slick. Nobody ever calls me slick.

Then on sunday, totally emotionally exhausted and with no voice whatsoever (I couldn't even squeak!), I went to do my dodgy day job, that I do two days a week as a means of feeding my wee family. I was a zombie. I slept through half of monday and then the rest of it I wish didn't happen as my car died (expensively) in the arse and in such a way that, given the stress of the preceding week, I pretty much lost my shit. This was followed by my recieving an email informing me that the long term collaborators who left in a huff on friday were going to stop working with me for a series of the most irrational reasons ever committed to e-mail.

So yeah; I'm tired, I'm drained, I'm burnt out.

Apparently Mercury turned retrograde or something on saturday. Mercury can go fuck itself along with the rest of the universe.
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It's not that I don't want to work tonight; I really, really do, it's just my brain is really, really not in it.

I sent out a mailout. Maybe that's all I'll do.

Oh yeah, I wrote a blog.
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So I played Forrest Place the other day, which is the main square of the Perth shopping district, and ended up frolicking in the fountain. This had been a vague aspiration of mine for quite some time, but I had thought that logic would dictate, what with the OHS issue of having electronic musical equipment close to water and all, that it was going to be turned off. Thankfully Perth City Council doesn't think about things like that.

I didn't bring a change of clothes, but upon my arrival, seeing that it was on, I instinctively knew what was about to happen. Which was bad news, as I hadn't brought a change of clothes with me. I thought I could hold back until the gooey downtempo centre of the set I'd planned to go splashing about. But I couldn't. The kick drum hadn't even dropped in Audience, and I was already doing surf-lifesaver style wading around, splashing water all over the powerboards, foldback speakers and the stage. I'm stupid lucky not to be dead.

I waded! I leaned on the water! My pants were drenched! The water flowed through my old workboots (still in the cbd, I think)! And it was stinky, algae infested gunky water too. Eeeew. But the fun!

Once I was finished, I noticed how cold it was. And I was going to be meeting some people for coffee, though they'd seen my spectacular splashing and sympathised, so didn't mind a bit of a rescheduling. But I was freezing! I had to make a sarong from one of my pieces of shiny cloth from my set and drive as fast as I could home so as not to get all hypothermia-ed.

Totally randomly awesome. Plus I got to do Forrest Place at peak hour! It was pretty surreal anyway, getting in people's space as they tried to get to the train. I had a radio mic so I performed all over the entire square. It was rad. I get to go back for Rock Against Racism in a couple of months, which is gonna be massive. I can't wait for that, I've got a taste for the space now.

Let's call that one a warm up, then, yeah?

By the way, if you're in Perth, come to my ONE NIGHT STAND at The Blue Room this saturday (the 16th). It's a one-off, supercool megafloorshow with the Brash And Sassy girls and a bit of a taste test of the kind of shows we hope to do together early next year around Australia. You should come, it's only $8. Prebook by giving The Blue Room a call or logging onto http://www.pacs.org.au and clicking on week one of the View Fest season.
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Post Rockin' Post

So that Battles record Mirrored is a bit of a grower. Apparently it's more accessible than their other shit. I don't think it's very accessible at all, it's been bloody hard work getting into it, but there's something about it that kept me coming back. I think I was fundamentally interested in what they are doing from the outset, but just didn't have favourite bits yet. Now I have favourite bits. It's a nice thing.

I still fucking hate Boris' Pink though. Piece of shit record, that one. And Scott Walker's The Drift. So irritating, I can't deal with it. It's too much. It's too gross, all the time, in my face, and I'm all like shut up, OK?

Still pissed off at myself about the controller. Damn. Trying to convince myself to start working on my website, but so tired, so procrastinateyfeeling. I need a rest, so I think I might just have one today, hey?
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Fear Of Comedy's album launch was last night, 'twas pretty exciting. They packed a hell of a lot of people in to the Bakery and it was hot.

My set was pretty dope, even if I did lose my voice halfway through Five Times (it came back) and got all squeaky. Couldn't really have picked a less opportune moment for that one.

But in bad-related news: I broke a vital knob from my midi controller (the knob box that I play with onstage)! I think I'm gonna have to get it replaced, which sucks because at $300, that's, like, two ads in Drum I can't take out now. And I like it when people know I'm playing a show. Bummer, hey? My power supply is fucked again too... I am not a happy boy this morning.
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Disco Theme Week (also known as The Website Procrastination Festival)

For a man who isn't playing that many shows at the moment, I sure am busy.

Yeah, as I said in the last post, I'm working on the website, but I'm taking a week off from that because it was driving me insane with boredom and I have the Fear Of Comedy cd launch this weekend. I was working pretty much exclusively on the website and getting really frustrated (as I do when I'm not doing getting enough time for making cool sounds) and all of that pent up creative rage has vented itself this week in an entirely remixed live set. I've been listening to a whole pile of 80's 12" mixes, a lot of which were done with simple edits (like just cutting a song up and repeating parts to make it longer) and they're ace. So I got to thinking that I could do that with my tracks, and it's been a bit of a disco revelation. I've gone a bit deeper than that, doing a full restructure into more dance music-y structures, which is great because I think it gives the audience a clear frame of reference to compare my songwriting and production with - rather than these tracks being totally alien wierd pop things, I'm gonna give 'em the space for people to get into the groove. I've discovered that my basslines are pretty dope and that my drum programming has changed a lot in the last couple of years from being minimalist breaks to a punkier, raw four to the floor. It's happened pretty naturally as my work has become more agressive, and I was vaguely aware of it, but listening to this stuff is so much different to listening to my older stuff.

Have got some nice tracks to DJ with next time I spin; lots of gay disco (You Think You're A Man But You're Only A Boy is my personal favourite), 80's stuff (read: gay disco, but vintage), some dope-ass remixes of Aqua tracks (yes, that aqua), some Richard X, LCD Soundsystem (yes, it really is so, so, very good), more Of Montreal and some remixes of Daft Punk that have forced me to reassess Human After All as a shit album that remixes well rather than just a shit album.

Producing this stuff is killing my computer though, I think it might be on the downward spiral to redundancy. It's freaking out with me just putting simple compressors on my tracks. Like, fully freaking out. Not even playing anything. I've gotta render the track and then listen back to it, it's total bullshit. Anybody got a hot new laptop they want to offload on me?
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uSync Coming Soon

So the contracts have been signed, everything is getting organised, my whole website is getting an overhaul.

I'm setting up shop.

It's pretty cool, I'm going to have a new area full of a whole pile of digital downloads you can buy (good news for you eastern staters who have been buggin' me for a while about this), free stuff, videos, merch, an expanded blog, lots and lots of cool stuff. And if you buy stuff, most of the cash goes to supporting my work and you get reward points to get free downloads and stuff. It's basically gonna let me put a whole pile of ace stuff up - I might even put up some of my text work in sexy pdf's for you to check out! For real.

The catch is that to look at the new area, you'll need to fill in your details, but it won't actually cost you any money. And I promise I'll never, ever give 'em to anyone else and it'll help me figure out where people are into my stuff so I know where to tour and to keep in contact with you in an unobtrusive way. Which is nice, yeah?

I'll still have an open access site, but a lot of it will be feeding people to the new site as there'll be a lot of effort going in to make sure it's interesting and constantly updated.

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